"Wilmington food scene's best kept secret!!" 
 - Clark Barlowe, Chef/Owner at Heirloom Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

Shell'em Seafood is a boutique shellfishing company based out of Wrightsville Beach, NC.
Fisherman and owner, Ana Shellem, spent 13 years in the restaurant world and understands the luxury and increasingly popular demand for local products.
Ana harvests and delivers wild shellfish per order directly to restaurants throughout the state of North Carolina, proudly providing the tide to table experience. 

WILMA Magazine 
Wilmington Magazine
Ana Shellem, Owner and Harvester Photographed by: Peter Taylor for ORDER FIRE TV

"Far superior to anything most other purveyors can provide."

- Daniel Wheeler, Executive Chef DotDotDot, Charlotte

"Seafood this fresh isn't something you come by often in our part of NC. The flavor is like a super clean taste of the ocean."

- Rob Clement, Executive Chef The Porters House, Charlotte